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The Story

Darklaw is a fantasy-adventure webcomic written and illustrated by Teresa Wymore. The erotic LGBT saga contains sex, violence, and strong language. In this realm, it’s like the Old West meets Imperial Rome while suffering angry gods, hungry demons, and creatures from dark fantasy.

The Website

The website is rated ADULT using Safesurf.

  • The most current COMIC is on the homepage. View the series using the navigation links to scroll through the current issue. Additional menu items will be posted as issues complete.
  • You’ll find additional STORIES of Darklaw available in the downloads. These stories won’t be serialized but have been professionally edited and illustrated. All have content warnings.
  • The DOWNLOADS contains Pin Ups, Stories, Maps, and Wallpapers–all kinds of collateral information for the world of Darklaw.

This website uses the Kippis WordPress theme and the Comic Easel plugin.

This site doesn’t currently post advertisements. Nor does the site collect data on you. Teresa runs regular patches and theme updates to maintain a safe website.

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The Author/Illustrator

You can find information about the author & illustrator at about.me/teresawymore.

Teresa does many things in addition to Darklaw. She’s a ‘copter mom, a certified personal trainer, and a lover of beer. You’ll find her at Old Chicago most Wednesdays finishing another World Tour. So you can blame beer for delays in posting.

Teresa has set aside her erotic story writing to focus on Darklaw, but you’ll find links to stories in print, as well as free stories, at her author website: Teresa Wymore – Author (explicit content warning).

Why a webcomic?

Teresa has collected comic books since she was ten, including Daredevil, Spiderman, Tarzan, Sandman, Spawn, Death, Red Sonja, Dungeons & Dragons, Scooby Doo, Witchblade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and many more. Her absolute favorite title was the black & white Savage Sword of Conan. Ernie Chan and John Buscema!

Her one disappointment was always the portrayal of women in comic books–especially tough women like Red Sonja, who were nothing more than eye candy, yet somehow managed to swing a sword. Teresa even had a letter printed in Savage Sword when she was young lamenting this fact. The editors responded with sympathy, but apparently, busty, limp wenches is what the boys wanted and what the artists knew how to draw. It was bullshit then and is bullshit now.

She likes muscular women, deep philosophies, and complex relationships. She likes to write and draw sex and violence, and you’ll see plenty of that in this world. KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY.

Why Darklaw?

Darklaw began as a series of erotic adventure-fantasy novels. The publisher went out of business before release. That provided the impetus to translate this epic world into art.

With three novels already written, there is no planned end to this ongoing comic.

Teresa will eventually make issues available in print, so maybe the website can pay for itself one day.

Enjoy the journey.

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