ORIGIN Sahrdon, Paramountcy of The Dark Three, Dark Quarter
MOTHER Ekla, Princess of Sahrsora
FATHER Avenrue (The Architect), Emperor of Darklaw
SIBLINGS Avestar (brother)

Avestine is the Emissary of Arujan. Once Warmaster and heir to the throne of Darklaw, she was hunted by her brother who made her an outlaw and murdered their legendary father. As the story “Apotheosis” begins, her brother is presumed dead and the mysterious Darklord sits on Darklaw’s throne.

The thunder of war had filled her with awe from a young age. When she had been their general, the Darklaw legions were her pride, their strength resounding in the pounding of five-hundred-thousand hobnailed boots on stone roads. She recalled the bodies — thousands upon thousands of disciplined, unified, obedient men clad in black, indistinguishable from each other but for their slight variations in height and breadth.

Nothing could stand against that force. Not the legions of other lands. Not the cavalries of other lands. Not even the gods of other lands. That was the wealth of Darklaw. That was what she had lost and what now belonged the Darklord.


ORIGIN Sahrsora, Paramountcy of The Dark Three, Dark Quarter
MOTHER Vestalia, Essanti of Justice
FATHER Rook, Essanti of Mercy
SIBLINGS Reves (brother), Riston (brother), Rayna (sister)

Rook is an Essanti of Justice, a spiritual warrior, avowed to protect the Emissary from all threats, including the Emissary’s own madness. He serves but is not a servant. One day, he will die for the Emissary. Even then, he will hate her.

His focus can shift in a blink from what he sees to what he believes without the burden of knowing the difference. Like the architecture of a solemn temple, his rugged face nuances severity in each scar and promises a truth for every hope.

And yet, despite his driven spirit, the voice that emerges from him is less fire than smoke. His joy is the kind earned by a reverent spirit grateful for the moments of pleasure in a life filled with pain. Many wonder how he came to lose both hands, and even more, how he manages to survive without them.


ORIGIN Featherwood, seneschal village of the Trade Empire, Demon Quarter
MOTHER Bethan, Owner of Fat Rosey’s
FATHER unknown

Kami grew up in the brothel of a trading city, daughter to the highly successful owner. She is naive to few things except the ferocious power within her — a power prophesied to destroy the world.

Before she was ten, she had seen more lust and violence than most people ever do…and was more confused about the difference. As often as she tried, as often as she had seen it, she couldn’t understand why any woman would open her door, or her legs, for a man. Some did it for coin, others claimed it was for pleasure. Kami was sure women lied about that, but why they lied was a mystery.

As a child, she had often escaped into the forest for shelter — not because it was safe, but because it was honest. Life in the wild was terrifying and brief, but she craved it. She craved it because even the humblest creature crushed under foot was freer than the most powerful of men.

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